We develop applications for tablets and smartphones. We use the latest technology and advanced techniques such as fragments, to produce more dynamic and usable applications.

Our applications for iPhone and iPad always use the most modern functionality of the iOS operating system, so you will always have the latest available software implemented by Apple.

We tried to get attractive and dynamic content that satisfy the user and make it less tedious tasks such as studying. As an example we show educational project developed as an innovative work in UCLM University.

We develop applications for windows. We take care to keep the same 'look & feel' of mobile aplicacioes, so, users will find a friendly and familiar environment.

We develop java applications for another operating system, so, any environment that has the Java virtual machine will have access to our programs.

About Us

Fernando Fernando, with over 30 years experience in software development, is responsible for the technnical part of the apps.
He pass no more than two days without studying a new technology section. It is because of this that the AndroidFer applications are always up to date.
Fernando is law degree, but his true passion is programming. For living, he has played jobs like accountant or CFO ...
At the moment he is a freelance programmer.

Silvia Silvia, with its essential aesthetic touch, is responsible for achieving the smooth and distinctive appearance, the 'look & feel' of the AndroidFer applications. She also makes the work of user test, checking the proper functioning, usability, and intuitive ease of our developed applications. She is, without doubt, the quality contol bastion of AndroidFer. Her training comes from the Instituto Superior del Norte in Trujillo (Peru), and we are fortunate to have their services for several years.


We would be pleased to hear from you.   You can be sure that we will respond as soon as possible trying to answer your requests. Please write, opinions and suggestions will always be grateful. They help us to improve.

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